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Prisma is a photo editing app that allows you to apply amazing filters onto any image. These filters are much more than just an extra layer of color or black and white. You'll have over a dozen to choose from and almost all of them radically alter the way your photos look.

All of the available filters appear in the lower part of your screen. When tapping one of them, you'll need to wait a few seconds while changes take place. Sometimes, the wait is over 10-15 seconds due to the fact that quite often, the changes being made on your pictures very drastic. In spite of the wait time, you'll see that the end results are stunning and truly worth it.

Once you've got your photographs with their applied filters, you'll easily be able to save them on your device memory, or share the image directly onto social networks. In your settings options within Prisma, you'll also get to deactivate a watermark that is present by default.

Prisma is an outstanding and eye-popping photo filter app. It doesn't just have an enormous quantity of filters, it's also got all the quality require to produce truly spectacular end results.
By Erika Okumura
Prisma just added on 15 new filters and its own marketplace

Without question, Prisma is one of the most relevant apps released in 2016. Thanks to its originality and the quality of the filters provided one thing is clear; this app was built with design and artistic aesthetics in mind. Until now, it was a completely free service with over 20 different filters included by default, but with the newest addition of 15 filters along with its own filter marketplace to purchase even more, this app has grown considerably. Best of all (for now) these 15 new filters are totally free. 
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Prisma remakes itself as a social network in latest update

One of the defining apps of 2016 is Prisma. This artsy picture editor has won many people over thanks to its ease of use as well as the surprising results it yields. Making any pic resemble a Van Gogh, Lichtenstein, or Mondrian painting is as simple as tapping your screen. But the app doesn't stop there: in the latest update it's become a proper social network – a space to share your pics edited with Prisma.
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The year 2016 has turned out to be a very prolific one for Android apps, having reached a turning point of market saturation where quantity trumps quality. Still, though, we've seen lots of sparks of quality that have served to detonate new openings in app development. Here are 9 tools released this year that we think have proved most relevant for Android, video games aside.
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Android 4.1 or higher required.